So guys I didn’t tell you about this dream I had last night (I even woke up to write it down and everything)

My dream was that John was finding it really difficult to pay the rent at 221b and he refused to accept any money off Mycroft because he was still really mad at him and blamed him for what happened to Sherlock and had like 50 different jobs because he was depressed and couldn’t hold down one job for long enough. So he decides he needs to leave 221b because he thinks it’s not fair on Mrs Hudson but before he does he went to some bar where some man picks him up and promises to pay him for sex but he has to wear a blindfold and anyway it all goes down and the next morning he’s left John like a ludicrous amount of money that means he can actually start paying everything on time but John feels so guilty and dirty because he wanted to save himself for Sherlock even though he “knows” he’s dead and ugh even in my dreams when he cries its fucking heartbreaking but here’s the thing

the guy who picks John up is Sherlock